Artist Bio

Monica is a 26 year old Dominican artist who grew up in New Jersey, as well as New York and Miami in unique and different ways throughout her life. She is a multimedia artist whose main works are consisted of paintings,drawings, sculptures and poetry. She has been creating as a form of self-therapy, as well as for anyone else who may resonate and feel called to explore her work. She has been painting for about 5 years now and plans to expand with her mediums, canvases and subject matter. She says "I know that we don’t know anything for certain, but I feel that no matter what one believes in, there comes a common theme: a longing for a place in this world and finding our true purpose". Mo tries to portray in her original artworks, her different emotions and thoughts trying to answer what she feels she was subtracted here to do. She has always felt that many of us are part of something bigger, and that we have such huge souls, but we've been subtracted into human form to do certain work in the 3D realm in hopes of raising the vibration here on earth. She wants to essentially make a collaborate space and a platform for other creatives as well, to portray their own backgrounds, beliefs, knowledge, emotions and stories through their own beautiful art forms. Mo hopes to hear from more creatives, poets, illustrators, musical artists, etc, whom are always welcomed to reach out and discuss a professional collaboration. Her goal is to make subtracted a safe space for everyone and everything to create magic!