Lizcary Amarante visual artist



La luz al final del túnel, 2021 | 30" x 40" Acrylic on canvas | painted between Lizcary(right, orange side) and Monica(left, blue side, plus poem) 

Poem written on artwork by Monica:

by now you'd think I'd have more insight
the amount of times
i'd stare at the ceiling at night
trying to fight

it is dark trying to spark the light..
every day feeels like you might 
give up the flight
every time 
every night

but i write..

because you can't see..
that you are the seed
that existence needs

be it for you to be free
be it so you can see
so they can be free
so they can see..
trust it will be worth the plea.

once you faithfully feel the sea, 
the trees,
the air you breathe,
the fire that triggers beneath,

you'll agree
your love should admire me
,and it will guarantee
and ignite 
bright tones of light

Nina Raquel independent artist, singer/songwriter